Linguistic Support


MBA Recherche provides its clients with exceptional translation services from French to English and English to French. Our translators are experts when it comes to the Québec market, and are well versed in Québec's culture and regionalisms. Whether you need a survey questionnaire translation, a concept translation, or a report translation, we will use the right terms and terminology every time.

Moreover, we offer simultaneous translation services for focus groups through our network of professionals; fully trusted for projects with consumers, business people, or healthcare professionals.


Transcription is the activity through which previously recorded audio or video content is written down (transcribed) verbatim. This process greatly reduces the time needed to write reports. Our specialists understand the importance of an accurate transcription, which is why all your documents will be transcribed professionally and accurately.

Note Taking

Note takingNote taking is a process similar to transcription but instead of listening to recordings over and over in order to transcribe verbatim, note taking takes place during the focus groups and allows access to solid bullet-point content that makes writing top line reports a breeze.

Thanks to their speed, you will be surprised with the amount of information our specialists can write down.